31 Oct


I know what you’re thinking: not another bloody music blog by a clueless idiot. Well, you’re right. It is kind of. But you can breathe a sigh of relief as I won’t be blogging about my expertise – as I don’t claim to have any. Just opinions.

I love music, gigs and bacon (irrelevant but true!). I’m vertically challenged, not too keen on heights and I also spend too much money on tickets!!

My blog was started to review the gigs that I go to, mainly for me to look back back on and help me remember when I’m old & losing the plot. I still do this but then the big bad world people got interested and wanted to get involved so it’s grown and evolved into something a bit more.

I now post random chatter about music related stuff, album/single reviews, band interviews, occasional giveaways and the odd rant.

All views are my own and I don’t expect you to agree with them, please do comment on/criticise on any or all of my posts – you never know you might even change my mind!

I’ll try to keep the ads to a minimum but tickets aren’t cheap and every little helps so if you feel like being a good samaritan and adding to the tickets &/or bacon fund and have stuff to buy please click on my Amazon links (Cheeky I know – but if you don’t ask you don’t get!)



See you at a gig!

I’ll be down the front!